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All About DIY / IKEA Hack Dollhouses

Ikea hack dollhouses:  How-to | examples | DIY dollhouse

With just a little bit of effort you can make a fabulous Ikea hack dollhouse! 

Reasons why you might want to go this route include:

  • COST: $80-$250 for a factory produced dollhouse with generic illustrations and bright colors seems like a lot
  • SPACE: a full size dollhouse will take a lot of precious play space
  • VERSATILITY: you want your child's room to grow with them
  • YOU'RE A BIG KID: you collect dolls such as Blythe, Pullip, or ball jointed dolls and you want a fun, beautiful and affordable way to display your collection
  • YOU LOVE DESIGN: you love interior design and want a truly special look for your dollhouse

I have rounded up some examples of dollhouses custom-hacked from Ikea products. You can see more on my Pinterest board, here.

A little bit of creativity / ingenuity goes a long way.  Get some pretty paper from the craft store, cut out some window panes from construction paper, put it up with removable 3M tape...BAM!

Play therapy bookcase for the play therapist's office

so amazing!^'s photos on Flickr

Really cool Barbie display.

Ikea products that are popular as dollhouse hacks include Kallax and Expedit. There are also a gazillion me-too cubby storage copy brands.  You can find a comparison of the many, many existing cubby storage brands, their sizes and costs, here (coming soon!).

When my daughter was a tween, she was still playing with her dolls, mostly Monster High and Liv.  I looked into somehow updating her very toddler-like dollhouse...and a seed of an idea began to take root.

First I thought about using decals to transform the interiors of our Ikea Kallax 4x4 cubby storage into a cool dollhouse...tried it: way too annoying to install.  The decals were just about impossible to line up to the straight edges. Argh.

Take two: I have a friend who is a printer of real estate signs, banners, and large format items.  I found some interesting substrates (the sheets you print on) at his workplace and he let me experiment. 

BINGO! was born! 

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