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Kid's Rooms: Great Etsy Finds for Ikea Kallax

Look at these great, fun, and innovative products I found on Etsy!
1. These pretty storage inserts can be found on Etsy at Lovely Baby Room . This shop offers a wide variety of these soft storage inserts in styles featuring an assortment of original illustrations or quilted fairy tale characters. The shop also sells super cute soft teepees, pillows, and kid's back packs.


2. SmugNStuff sells laser cut birch wood doors that fit Ikea Kallax and other cubby style bookshelves.  They offer a range of customization options. The doors install without any hardware; they have a peel and stick panel! I love that the raw wood can also be painted in case you want to add some color to your cubby shelf. Customers say they are even better than the Ikea-made door options.



3. (disclaimer: that's me!) can be found on Etsy here. sells flat-pack instant Ikea-hack dollhouse room inserts. These have original artwork and are installed with removable double sided tape. You can choose from a growing assortment of designs to create your perfect dollhouse. You may also shop us on the web here.



4. I love these wooden box inserts made to fit Ikea Kallax! They are sold by Wood Lovers on Etsy. Simple and colorful, I love the palette of colors shown in this photo! The box inserts come with two sizes of 'holes' in the front.


wood lovers etsy shop


Ikea Kallax / Expedit cubby shelves are a staple in many homes, utilitarian, customizable, re-purpose-able. Imagine what you could create if you use a combination of Lovely Baby Room, SmugNStuff,, and wood lovers products! The sky's the limit!

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