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White Christmas -
White Christmas room insert roaring fire
animated snow falling on White Christmas room insert
White Christmas room insert full open layout
White Christmas -
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White Christmas Dollhouse Room Insert

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"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..."

A magical, inviting, elegant room to snuggle up on the couch in...a roaring fire, a small mountain of holiday treats, and a steaming cup of hot cocoa.  This beautiful Christmas room insert features a fabulous gold mosaic tile fire surround, birch logs, an Anthropologie peacock side table, and a spectacular sparkling white lit tree...Restful and joyous, here your 1:6 scale dolls will be assured of a holiday peaceful and bright.

Please note: Holiday Themed room inserts will be introduced regularly and sold seasonally. Change out your doll's holiday rooms throughout the year!


  • Luxurious and durable: silky smooth, fadeless, rip and tear proof inserts can be wiped clean.
  • Grows with your child: Perfect for kids but not too kid-like for tweens, removable (and reusable) when you are ready to repurpose your book cubby
  • Completely customizable: choose your Ikea Kallax size, select your favorite rooms inserts. We recommend using a couple of cubbies for storage with pull out bins. Easy to clean up when play is done!
  • No plastic parts to break, step on, and add to our planet’s overflowing landfills.
  • Your purchase supports an artist, designer, and single mom who launched this business to weather the pandemic.

*This is a dollhouse room insert scaled perfectly to fit in Ikea Kallax or Expedit cubby shelves. It is not an actual bathroom.

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Single mom and artist Rachael Miller developed and designed these inserts. inserts are made with pride in the USA.

PLEASE NOTE: BOOKSHELF and doll NOT INCLUDED! inserts are a 2 dimensional product.  Each ‘room’ consists of 4 panels.  None of the ‘furniture’ is 3 dimensional, it is depicted flat in the artwork.

Installation instructions can be found here.

Also of Note: each room insert is slightly LESS deep than the cubby depth.  This is so that each room is a perfect cube. (Please line front edge of floor up with front edge of cubby when installing.)

Cleaning and Care: Your rooms may be cleaned with a damp rag.  Please do not use chemical cleaning products.

To learn more please see DETAILS